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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Possible Worlds Theory: What If Literary Characters Exist

Some afterthoughts to the Possible Worlds seminar with Rein Raud. If the multiverse theory is true, and if it is true that we have infinite numbers of parallel universes, then it may also hold true that many literary characters (if not all), must exist in some of the universes. In such case Miss Marple (initially I wrote Agatha Christie absent mindedly, thanks Peemot) is a real person and may be also Harry Potter. Then writing stories would be like summoning these characters into our actual reality.

Now it gets interesting. As it is thought, black holes represent gateways to parallel universes. The problem with travelling through them is that we will not survive the ride. All information will be lost, together with our memories. But what if writing is the opposite thing - information about the inhabitants of parallel universes is summoned through some gateway, but matter will be lost. An opposite to the black hole? White hole? And how that all stands with the law of thermodynamics?


peemot said...

Agatha Christie is a very real dead person in the same reality where you and me are very real alive persons - you probably wanted to refer to Miss Maple :)

Distant Signals said...

Oh crap, yes :). Thanks.

Lauri said...

kui satud peale, vaata Robert Lepage'i filmi Possible Worlds. Seesama jõgi.