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Monday, February 18, 2008

Isaiah's Power Point

Besides the Virtualities lecture at the Tallinn University I am giving a series of seminars and lectures at the University of Tartu called pretentiously the Art of Consultation. It is a rather practical class with the aim to give students some skills in consulting. Today I started the lecture with a historical account on the consulting function involving such examples as shamans, prophets and oracles fulfilling mankind's perpetual need for the knowledge of future.

We will also talk about the presentation techniques soon, but during the lecture I suddenly discovered that if prophets could be considered as advisers or consultants (with the access to divine knowledge), when prophet Isaiah, by stripping off his clothes and running around the town to make the point that Yerusalem would be stripped naked by the god, was also creating a powerful visualization of an advice. Not bad at all. Better than a lousy ppt.