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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Mirror Conspiracy

In real life people are hearing their voice differently from how the other people hear them (as the bones resonate while you speak). They also see themselves slightly differently in the mirror. Yes, people tend to look at themselves from their favourite angle and make their favorite faces to mirrors! So you are never on the same page with the others as far as your own appearances are concerned. Ain't this strange!

The M&S slimming mirror scandal is of course even better (for those who have not followed, Marks and Spencer has fallen under accusations that they are deliberately making mirrors to show people slimmer and even more tanned, so that they would buy more clothes. M&S denies this, but I do believe that at least some businesses in the world do the mirror fake). Anyway, how to know how my first life avatar looks and feels like for the others? Is a candid video camera the only honest feedback you can ever get about your looks? But even video can be lying...

(Picture by rolypoly_girl, Flickr)