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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Battle of Skype Emoticons, Beer Almost Wins

One day me and my friend Priit came up with a cool idea for a new game. It is for Skype users and it is played almost on the same principle as paper-scissor-rock game, only with a number of emoticons. One player types in an emoticon, say: , the other player answers with an emoticon that beats it by some qualities, for example:.

The one who has the last say, wins! Several power hierarchies can be created, depending on the context and logic of the moment.
So we started playing. It came out that is beaten by .
is beaten by (but also can be beaten by ).
is beaten by .
is beaten by .
At the same time can beat the idiotic .
When I told this to a friend working at Skype, he immediately came up with is beaten by .
It seems that is a real ace-emoticon, since in our game it usually beats most of other emoticons, but it really depends on who is playing and what is the context of the moment. And obviously there is always an emoticon that can beat any other emoticon, if you find the right angle. So it is more like a mind game, not a game of chance.

BTW, if you want to have some extra strong stuff in your sleeve, you can also google for hidden Skype emoticons...

It would be cool if Skype came up with a feature for simultaneously entering emoticons, so it would all look more like actual paper-scissor-rock.


Hai said...

(cash) is beaten by (makeup).
|-) is beaten by (coffee).

Gerard Grey said...

It's possible to play a variation of Mornington Crescent using emoticons too :)

hkn said...

There are msn skype msn emoticons here, too. And thank you for msn emoticons.

beermoney said...

Those skype emoticons are great. I always use them when I chat, sometimes you just can't use words you need free emoticons.

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