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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mostly for Estonians: Songs About Communication

Yesterday I tried to really watch tv after some months, but found it increasingly impossible. Massive advertising and old movies were dead boring. So I did some Youtube browsing for Estonian songs about communication. Pretty funny results, not all things are originals, not all have video. Unfortunately, if you are not Estonian, you would probably not understand much.

Kalju Terasmaa, Anu Anton, "Kosmos-Maa"
Singer Vinger, "Massikommunikatsioon"
Mikronid, "Üks imelik masin"
Marju Kuut, "Raagus sõnad"
Uno Loop, Kalju Terasmaa, Heidy Tamme, "Sosistades"
Ruja, "Vaiki kui võid"
Seitsmes meel, "Salaja"
Mahavok, "Mägede hääl" or Mahavok, "Tunnete keel"
J.M.K.E. "Tere, Perestroika"
Metro Luminal, "Öised sõnad"
Ice Cream "Helista mulle mobiilile"
Leslie Da Bass, "Lonely Souls"
HU? "See imelik vaikus"
Heli Lääts, "Oma laulu ei leia ma üles"
Metsatöll, "Oma laulu ei leia ma üles"
Bedwetters, "Dramatic Letter to Conscience"
Jana Kask, "Laula mu laulu, helisev hääl"
Liisi Koikson, "Sinu hääl"

and local politicians from Viljandimaa as special guests with a powerful viral potential:
Erinevad Mulgi artistid, "Vii mägedele sõnum!"


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