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Monday, September 1, 2008

Fountain Action In Vilnius

Setting up the posters. Photo: me.

Guys from cafebabel.com and PAF, with Erika Lastovskytė as the author and organizer of the idea, decided to draw attention to bad condition of fountains in Vilnius. They chose a steampunkish fountain (still dripping) at the building of the Parliament and the Town-Hall square fountain (not working).

According to Erika, the idea is to show that if citizens want to change something, they can do it themselves.

They set up several chairs made of car tires by Mantas Lesauskas right in the water at the Parliament building fountain and decorated the Town-Hall square fountain with the posters of working fountains from Barcelona. The result: attention was drawn and suddenly it is impossible not to notice these fountains :). So, efficient idea, visual appeal, pretty impressive media coverage.

These 2 photos taken from Mantas Lesauskas's Facebook stream, for more of these visit it.

What I really like about the idea is positive vision, efficiency and enthusiasm.

Photo: Erika Lastovskytė