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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Summer

Moved to Lithuania (partly). Threw money to the crowds in Gdansk,
Poland (a long story). Attended a Species and Spaces Summer school.
Wrote a small book on running. Went to festivals. Learned 100 words in Lithuanian. Wrote an article "Walking in 4th Dimension" (yet to be published). Went on a road trip to Tartu with Priit, things got really funny. Otherwise nothing ever happened in July, being single in Summer sucks. Fell into some Belorussian trench in the dark (not what it may sound like). Felt for Georgia. Visited a gypsy village for a concert. Got new friends. Hanged in St. Germaine and visited a good exhibition at Pompidou. Waited for Autumn. Read most books by Cory Doctorow.


Eva said...

"... and you know your heart has finally found home" is the feeling I get from reading this post. Most romantic thing ever. I don't know why :)