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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Detached Places

First is a small Russian Orthodox church in the Kopli barrack area. Everyone is out of town. Mid July. Extremely hot. Sun is at its brightest. But the door is open. Somewhere behind the alter someone is singing. An almost gothic looking girl in black skirt and white stockings is praying.

Second is the tower of Eiffel. You may think that everyone can go up there. But no. It is guarded by the human wall, several hundreds of meters long, made of tourists who want to ascend the landmark. Here and there the security guys keep the gates and search through your stuff.

The human wall is so efficient that no friend I asked, has ever bothered to wait through the queue. So I made it up there. The whole thing took me 4 hours. It is the deficit that makes it great. And of course, it is really damn high up there. Beautiful too.