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Monday, March 17, 2008

Mendeleyev's Symphony, Chill It and Bang

Last weekend we were cleaning up an old apartment of my grandmother. Since we had little time we started by shoveling several different cleaning products into the shopping carts - for dish washing, for carpet cleaning, for bathroom cleaning, for the toilet, for kitchen surfaces and so on, not to mention universal wipes and such. Besides that we also bought a new carpet that was smelling rather chemically.

You could imagine the symphony of smells that soon filled the small apartment during the two days we spent working on it. I think that this is at least partly to blame for a dream I had next night.

I was sitting next to a fireplace together with some people, one of them being an Estonian actor, a friend actually. At one point he said: "I am going to use peyote, a telepathic drug and you will all experience it!". So he cut his hand and put some "peyote" on it.

Suddenly everyone around the fireplace was shaken by the myriad of visions rolling over us. The earth was torn into pieces and I could see some dimly lit old passages below, leading to the horizon. Then I saw faces of people, coming uncomfortably close to me, trying to communicate with me.

After a while I managed to get to some place that was like home. But there some brown bubbles started to drip in slow motion from the ceiling until at some point they filled the whole room. In the end the room became normal again and inside the dream I knew that the effect of the peyote-thing was over.

Such a story. But everything is very clean now. I just remembered it at the coffee table and decided to write it down.