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Sunday, November 25, 2007

On Feedback

One reason why people turn to (computer) games is an instant feedback in the form of points and levels that is offered in games. As the invisible hands of game architects inch you towards a final solution, you can be sure that whatever you do, you get evaluated.

If it only were so easy in real life! Most people do not get proper daily feedback and although some may even get it, they still do not know, what to do with it. People who get feedback and understand it, advance fast in life and generally are more successful. People without feedback are often left to poverty and solitude. Or sometimes they get it too late or in too serious form, as Titanic got its feedback from an iceberg.

Is any feedback good? Not necessarily, but the more diverse it is, the better you will know yourself and the more information there is for your decisions. In this way you will become feedback-rich. I believe also, that a feedback-rich country or a company has more chances to develop than the one that is not.

Is Estonia feedback-rich at the moment? I am afraid that the answer is "not as much as it could". Politicians tend to be very selective in terms of criticism they want to hear. There are issues like economic development, brain-drain and integration that are not responded to by the government or that are only constrained to certain views and this is exactly how you become feedback poor.