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Monday, November 19, 2007

Leaving Earth In Lithuania And Then Arriving To Some Important Conclusions

This whole blog was inspired by a lecture Leaving Earth that I prepared for my colleagues and later performed with at several other locations, including the University of Tallinn. And man, this presentation is taking me places! This time I ended up as a futuristic performer at BMW klubas at the Siemens Arena in Vilnius where I was invited by some Lihtuanian friends, especially Zydrunas from TNS.

Well, being sometimes uncomfortable with flying (but not so much after I learned some principles of aerodynamics), I went by car. Especially taking into the account that one or two years ago, one of the previous performers of this event had died in a plane crash just before he could give the lecture. Laugh at me if you want!

The registering system for the lecture resembled e-voting in Estonia (or was even better). People were greeted by the image of the rotating retina of Zydrunas and given space food and vitamin tablets. Later neon colored drinks followed. I was also offered a possibility to wear a shiny space-suit to stress the point of futurism :) but then we decided that the lecture's message will shift too much to science fiction and I still had my business suit to wear. 

But Zydrunas himself took his suit seriously and was having it on as a moderator. The public was amused. 

Actually my point here is a really paradoxical one. It seems that the more I get into the virtuality, the more I get into reality as well. While trying to study Leaving Earth, you suddenly find yourself Arriving Earth, having lot of serious, cool and/or funny experiences.  I believe that this goes very well together with the point of culture. Virtuality and culture as being the same thing and enriching you. And thanks for inviting me!