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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Double Edged Myths. The Cyber War of Estonia.

Was it a script for a Hollywood movie written under the influence of Die Hard 4 or really an account of Estonian Cyber war? Although there were people in Estonia, who found the Wired article Hackers Take Down the Most Wired Country in Europe brilliant, I think that everyone should think twice.

While it is true that several Estonian sites were under the botnet attack and many were taken down, the magnification of this event may lead to lesser credibility of Estonia on the international arena. While the media may like well selling war metaphors and Estonians themselves may enjoy the pro-Estonian attitude of such articles, we should keep our heads cool and not cry wolf every time some Russian hackers who are misled by Russian state media launch DDoS attacks.

So, thank you, Wired, for being supportive, but please do not take any insult if we find the coverage a little bit of a science fiction. And forgive the media-friendly Estonian politicians for being too eager with war metaphors. War or not, it was not easy for them and to be honest, there were serious lessons for the future of cyber-security to be learned during the hacker attacks.

Estonian prime minister practicing "don't mess with me look" before the next cyber battle. (Just joking).