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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Where To Buy Linden Dollars (Not Tradelindens.com)

Sometimes you need to pay for building services in Second Life in Linden dollars and since there is a currency trading limit by Linden Labs which they are reluctant to raise, at least on short notice, you may need to use secondary providers such as Anshe Chung, SLExchange or someone else.

Anshe Chung has rather low limits of its own. SLExchange's account confirm message was lost somewhere in the outer space, so I tried a suspicious looking site tradelindens.com. The good thing seemed to be that the place advertises "15 minute Linden Delivery".

I placed my test-order with not much money to lose. In 3-4 hours there was still no delivery. So I opened the "live chat by Liveperson" window in order to get more information. Got the busy message for some hours. My email to the contact address resulted in response that my order is being "security checked" and delivery should be made in the course of the day.

Did I get my Lindens finally? This is not what happened. Fortunately I got my payment refunded, with the note that my order has been placed "in a 30 day hold by our risk management system." Well, thanks Tradelindens, but it more or less looks that you were not able to deliver the currency or your "risk management" system has really found out something about me that Paypal, Linden Labs, Amazon.com and other sites have clearly not been able to do.


Queen of Spain said...

I'm very surprised by this post. Did you contact trade lindens to discuss this? Did you tell them you were dissatisfied with the transaction? I know the owner and I can tell you he would have taken care of it or at least worked with you. My guess is you didn't even tell them you were dissatisfied with their security checking system. They are usually more than happy to take care of any customer service issues and are always available. I would also think a small avatar start up would have larger risks than say, an amazon.com so I'm not sure where you're going with that....but anyway...I would advise you give it another try or at least contact the owner.

Tom said...

I've also had some problems with Tradelindens.com. I've tried contacting by phone and by e-mail without success. I'd love to contact the owner. Can you provide contact information?

Distant Signals said...

For queen of Spain, yes, I contacted them two times, I think. For Tom - do not have the contact information at hand, but I did so through their own homepage.