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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sync it out, man!

I do not watch much traditional TV. It is mostly crap. When I do, I find it more bearable with the help of "syncing" - having some Skype chats open with people who are watching the same channel and having a constant stream of comments running freely in this window. It makes even the boring shows much more interesting to follow (especially the mother of all boring shows that everyone still watches - the Eurovision of course).

The more you comment, the more you sync, the better it is. Disclaimer: It does not make sense to read the chat log later since the fun is in the process and context of the moment. An unexpected benefit: Some interesting analysis may evolve from such syncing. And of course, it is pretty entertaining.

There is another idea of doing Second Life wine syncing, with some friends buying the same bottles of wine and then sitting in our gallery at second life and drinking some wine and commenting. Well, good wine and pure communication. If that happens, I will let you know!


sten said...

That's why Joost has channel chat built in, I guess? ;)

Distant Signals said...

Good point!